Wild Waters





Wild Waters was born after merging our creativity with our love for Angling and the Outdoors. What originally started life as a blog quickly gained pace and had soon evolved into the iconic Brand it is today. Emerging onto the Angling scene during the summer of 2017, we released a number of limited edition products, however there was one problem – we grossly underestimated the demand. It was at this point we saw the huge potential and popularity of what we were doing, so we began setting our roots more firmly in the ground and branched out into a wider range of products.

Our brand values are at the core of everything we do


We don’t cut corners. Every product we sell has to be its best. Its all in the details, the materials, the designs, the service. It all counts.


We love our brand, our products, our sport, our environment and our people. Passion is what drives us forwards.


We like to explore new ideas and collaborate with others. We dare to be different, its what makes us stand out.


We’re true to ourselves and our beliefs. We source responsibly, sell fairly and strive to be more sustainable, and minimise any negative impact on the environment.